A tour of the popular investing app Spaceship, which you can sign up for here.

Investing with Spaceship

The app is very similar to Raiz in that you add money to your account and it gets invested on your behalf. 

You can set up a recurring investment or manually add. There is no round up option like Raiz so it is much simpler an interface to manage.  

Spaceship's portfolio options

There are three investment options to pick from

Spaceship Universe, Spaceship Origin, Spaceship Earth (new in 2020)

  • Spaceship Origin which tracks several companies passively (companies rarely change)
  • Spaceship Universe which is actively managing and the included companies can change often (higher risk, higher return)
  • Spaceship Earth which contains companies that provide a positive impact to the Earth (according to the Spaceship team)

I consider all three a “fund” in that they are a group of companies you buy into. You don't select which companies are in but put your money towards one of the three.

For me, the jury is out if the Spaceship Earth is a meaningful fund. It contains companies focused on supporting a sustainable planet, but their screening is questionable. For example, they screen out companies working on nuclear energy even though it is a renewal energy source.

At the moment, you need to pick one option. You can't split investments across the funds but hear that there are plans to do so in 2021.

It’s helpful that they are transparent as they outline all the stocks included in each option on their website. You can look at the performance for each pick in a nice-to-digest way (good for when you research).

Note that all portfolios are 100% stocks. There is no defensive component which means it more aggressive/risky than holding a balanced portfolio that includes fixed interest and bonds as Raiz does.

Spaceship's Fees

Spaceship fees are lean and simple.

For your first $5000 investing is free. This makes it a great way to get started investing without worrying about cost.

The fees after $5000 are miniscule. .05% per year for the Index and .10% per year for the Universe portfolio.

This is any amount over the $5000.

If you had $10,000 in the app, you would be charged only $25 a year. This is extremely cheap.

If you like purple or rockets, Spacehip is for you

Other features

One thing Spaceship does well over the others is educate you on investing.

It has a helpful learn section and there is a good feed on investing support and help within the app.

It can help you feel confident and supported, with the app being more than just a balance on your screen.


  • Free for first $5000 invested
  • Lowest cost of all investing apps
  • Simple pair of portfolios to pick from
  • Well diversified
  • Helpful content and education on investing
  • Can start with only $5
  • Can be automated


  • You need faith in the Spaceship investment team 
  • Options are actively managed rather than passively
  • Portfolios are 100% stocks


Hand-picked mix of stocks and companies with a tech focus.

Cheap and easy to get started and get knowledge on investing. 

Very transparent in the companies included in your portfolios